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Our photo booth equipment is professional, state of the art, delivering clear sharp photos printed out instantly after each photo session. Our photo booth is strong and sturdy with an elegant black gloss finish and its housing is accented by soft running lights making it easy for guests to spot. Our booth does more than just capturing great photos & videos. Choose to shoot in slow-motion, create a Animated Gif, or even morph into another person! A rear monitor greets your guests with a prepared video or branding, along with playing a slideshow of all the photostrips taken at your event allowing guests to have a glimpse at all your event photostrips. The TOUCHSCREEN is very user friendly making it easy for everyone to operate. Also being a free standing photo booth it can be setup as an ENCLOSED or as an OPEN booth.


Our photo booth has a user friendly touchscreen at the front of the booth to control each photo session. The TOUCHSCREEN offers multiple options to choose from for every photo session…guests can choose their photos to be printed in either COLOUR, SEPIA or BLACK & WHITE. The VIDEO option is great, this options allows your guests to leave a short personal video message or testimonial for you. Each option is easily chosen by simply touching it on the touchscreen. The screen will then guide the user by displaying instructions like ‘GET READY’…guests will then be able to see themselves in the live viewer so they can pose for their photos, once all their photos have been taken the photo session will end instucting them to collect their printed photostrips allowing the next lot of guests to enter and start their photo session. The touchscreen graphics will also be designed to match your personal photostrip design.


The Enclosed Photo Booth gives you privacy while taking your pics…This option is preferred if you want that extra privacy experience while taking your pics. Our booth is lightweight, pops up into a 1.5m x 1.5m enclosed booth in a couple of minutes giving more room than the standard built on booth allowing more friends to jump in at once to create HILARIOUS group pics. Different backdrops & decorations can be hung up inside the booth to add your own PERSONAL flair and to match your colour scheme or theme. On the outside we add fairy lights, decals and a red carpet runner with stanchions to really GLAM up the look.


The Open Photo Booth let’s everyone enjoy all the action…This option is preferred if you want to see all the ACTION going on in front of the camera, LIVE! An open photo booth is an alternative to the traditional enclosed photo booth. When you want the photo booth to be the centre of your event then you want it to be OPEN so everybody can see what’s going on and join in with the fun by calling out suggestions for poses and the surprise PHOTOBOMB!


We have a HUGE assortment of FUNNY props including hats, wigs, glasses, masks, feather boas, signs, stick props, plush toys, inflatables etc to add more GIGGLES to your pics…your guests will be talking about your event long after the night is over as you share the AWESOME memories that you created with Lights Camera Photo Booth!


Call us today to book a booth for your special event… whether it be a small party at home or a wedding reception at an event venue.All of your guests will be entertained by the hilarious antics going on in front of them as everyone takes turns dressing up in the WACKY props and pulling the SILLIEST faces… it certainly won’t be boring that’s for sure….